Friday, October 3, 2008

An Interviewer Asked Me This Question....

When I did an interview with Reader Views once, my interviewer asked, "Do you think some readers resonate with the characters and become them - maybe in a fantasy sort of way?"

I'm printing my answer to that question here because I get talking about heroines we love, and why. Here's the answer:

Linore: Absolutely. That’s why we like pretty heroines we can admire; I think every reader of every book is vicariously living that book. But we must be able to understand their motivations. We also need to be able to recognize when they make mistakes, but still be rooting for them. If you have a really stupid heroine it will annoy the reader because you want her to be smart, like you, maybe even smarter. She’s got to show you what you could be; she represents possibilities, hopes and dreams. But if she’s too stupid or foolish you no longer want to identify with her and I think that would be a drawback.

I definitely get disgusted with a book if the heroine is stupid, even in relationships. T!hat's why I'll try to post about GOOD books here. Stay tuned....

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