Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Someone Else Praise You

...and not you yourself.

This is what we learn from scripture, and today I am thanking Caroline, a writer, for posting about my book, BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS, on her blog, by copying her post here.
Just remember, these are not my words!! (It isn't my style to thumb my nose at anything. I don't think. lol)

Here's the post, from Sunnybank Meanderings earlier today: Caroline says,

"I Promised You . . ."

"Did you read the interview with Linore Rose Burkard I posted? Did you get her book?

Well, here are some reasons I like her writing:

* She thumbs her nose (my wording) at the rules. What I mean is, she uses omniscient viewpoint liberally in her book and does it well. That is a no-no in the CBA writing world. At least for most people. You've got to be "big" to get away with it. You've got to know what you're doing.
* Her characters are real. When you read her book, you can see Charles and Julie Forsythe--the parents--and their concern for their still unmarried (and her "fanciful notions") daughter. You can see Ariana in all her youthful escapades and Mr. Mornay in his delightful (to the readers) boredom with society and his disdain of all the fawning mothers with eligble daughters. Aunt Bentley and her determination to do the "right" thing even when its a bother, adds flavor to the whole book.
* Too, Linore uses authentic descriptions and words that carry you straight back to the regency period.

A new author, look for "Before the Season Ends" from Harvest House. You'll not be sorry if you like good historicals."

Thank you, Caroline!

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