Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Poem for Writers

A Writer’s Step of Faith
(Matthew 14:28-33)

by Donna J. Shepherd, Author, Speaker, Singer

I step out
Into a sea of words.

Oh, that anointed phrases
And heavenly prose
Would jump onto my page
Like fish jumping into a boat!

But they don’t.

I take each step in faith,
all the while
Catching fish as I walk.

Waves of rejection
Threaten to overcome,
And I’m afraid.

I begin to sink
Into the murky deep.

“Lord, save me.”

Jesus stretches forth His hand.
I keep my eyes on Him,
And grasp Him tight.

He guides me
through every storm
Over contrary seas,
Catching fish
One word at a time
Until we cross
To the other side.

Copyright © 2006 Donna J. Shepherd

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