Friday, February 19, 2010

The Country House Courtship on the Blogosphere

The Country House Courtship on the Blogosphere!
(Have Book Will Travel)

Today is the first "organized" blog tour for my newest release, The Country House Courtship. The book has been making the rounds among bloggers and book reviewers since it's release last month, but today marks the first day of a blog tour organized by someone other than me! My publicist, Rebeca Seitz of Glass Road Public Relations set this one up.

What does this mean? That something like forty bloggers will be posting about the book today, including many of their thoughts on it. I love getting feedback in the form of reviews, so I've been looking forward to this!
Some of the places you might see Country House today? Here's a few:

If you've never been to some of these blogs, they are all well
worth a visit for book lovers, readers or writers. "Bookish"
places, all!

Here are some more:

(Are these great or what? : )

I may not have included everyone on the tour, and if
you see this and your blog is missing, let me know
and I'll post yours in a new entry!
And thanks so much for all the wonderful bloggers
and book reviewers out there that have featured
my book! I appreciate you!

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