Friday, April 2, 2010

A Prisoner of Versailles

A Prisoner of Versailles is the second book in the "Darkness to Light" Series by Golden Keyes Parsons, from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

I was pleasantly surprised with Prisoner. Although I enjoyed the first book (In the Shadow of the Sun King), this book was even better. The story was fast-moving, the heroine was more sympathetic, and there were lots of "King Louis" scenes, which to me make up some of this author's best writing. There was more of a romance, which is always enjoyable, and a bit more character-development of the key players.

I have to admit that I'd enjoy more authentic-sounding dialogue, and costume description of the ladies, including the hair styles; not in every word or sentence but a bit more to keep me in the time period. But anyone who enjoys a good historical setting with lots of action (derring-do, musketeers, royal courtiers!) will want to read this book. I was happy to return to it whenever I got the chance, and it has a satisfying ending--along with (happily) the promise of another sequel! I definitely look forward to it.

This book gets five stars, and the heroine is a "she's got character" lady for sure. Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing me with a review copy.

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Golden Keyes Parsons said...

Thanks, Linore, for the great review. And I am thrilled that you enjoyed "Prisoner." I suppose every author hopes that each subsequent book is better than the previous ones. I am humbled and honored!