Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doing the Follow Up

Here's some inspiration from Ed Smith, who writes the daily "One Minute Motivator." This is true not only for writing projects, but for many areas of life.

What do you need to follow up on today? Many times, a project fails from lack of follow up. You start with a great idea, and take action to get it started, then somewhere along the line it falters and dies from lack of attention. Take a look at the things you are working on and see if some need follow up work in order to keep them on track. A few minutes doing follow up can reap huge benefits in terms of completed goals. (If it was a good idea once, it probably still is, and you'll keep it moving by doing some follow up.) Following up will help you move your life ahead by accomplishing more of your goals.

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I'd write more, but I've got some following up to do! What about you? : )

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