Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's It All About?

Here's a reminder for those new to the club: What's this all about?

It's about Sharona, Angela, Jeanine, Becky and Lisa. It's about Jason and Patrick. People who are passionate about life--they also happen to be Christians with a passion for God. What happens when life in the 21st century makes it harder than ever to live true to one's calling?

The Swimsuit Club, for one thing!
The unfolding of their lives, loves, and secrets, problems and promises. And through it all, they just want to live out their Christian calling in a world filled with forces pushing them in all the wrong directions.

Frannie's way to cope is compromising her health; Beautiful Sharona, a former model, is determined to remain pure until her wedding-- but is purity possible when a girl's in love? Angela is divorced from a wife-beating husband, and hasn't dated anyone since their split. Hunky Jason, a deacon at church and the hottest guy in town, hasn't shown an interest in women since--well, has he ever? What's he hiding, anyway?

Jeanine's got weight issues, Becky's worrying about her future--(is Ian, her soon-to-be-husband, hinting that he wants out of their relationship?)-- And, oh my goodness, now Lisa--the teenage "bikini queen" of Restonville--wants to join the Club. She's after something and the others know it (and it isn't just chit-chat).

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Pete said...

This has promise, but you really should tone down the text. It's extremely hard work to read it.

Good luck though.


Linore Rose Burkard said...

Thanks, Pete. I always appreciate feedback. I'm assuming you're referring to the colors or font of the text. If you mean the tone of the characters, that's another story. I'll get right to work to make reading easier on your eyes--thanks again.


Vicki Talley Mccollum said...

Hi Linore,
What a great idea to have your characters blogging. That really keeps you (and the readers) in their heads!
Vicki McCollum
(ACFW Crit-41)

Anonymous said...

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