Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey, Beautiful--Get Real!

What is beauty, really? Frannie, with her ovaline face, fine-boned features and pouty lips is a looker, to be sure. But she is razor sharp with her comments, while Becky, lanky and sun-kissed and easygoing, is not a pin-up girl, but a pleasure to hang with. Both of them look to Sharona as the undisputed "beauty" of the Club, yet even Sharona doesn't match her own modeling photos! What's going on?

Think about this: Have you ever met a person with the satiny smooth skin of a magazine model? How often do you see people who are as beautiful as the pages and pages of models in magazines--not to mention films?

If you're thinking, "Not very often, if at all," you're about to find out why. They don't exist.
That's right, they don't exist! Not the way you see them on the printed page, anyway.

Yes, you get a Sophia Loren now and then, an exceptionally beautiful woman here or there, with the glam skin and all. But most women--and get this, most models--are perfectly....well, normal. They get acne, bad hair days, sallow skin, and every other malady that can afflict a woman's appearance. Their foreheads are too short or long, and their eyes aren't always spaced just right.

I came across a wonderful little video that perfectly encapsulates the reason why accepting the modeling industry's idea of what is "beautiful" can be so damaging to girls. To their credit, Dove (the soap and and beauty products manufacturer) is sponsoring the video, which shows an amazing transformation of an ordinary girl into a billboard model beauty. You've got to see it to believe it. Click the link below.

Campaign for real beauty.

A "Campaign for Real Beauty" sounds like something all women need to get on a soapbox for. (Pardon the pun) Good going, Dove!
Go on, click the link and watch!

(Look around the site--there are some neat ecards you can send to let the women in your life know they're beautiful--just the way they are. Just the way God made them.)

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