Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anti-Ageing Run Amok

Today's post isn't directly related to the issues of the Club, granted; but I still had to include it here because it INdirectly affects each and every woman (and even men, but to a lesser degree) in Western culture.

Have you noticed that the trend to reverse aging is growing into a national obsession? It's often touted as a form of women's healthcare, but when it comes to cosmetic surgery to look younger, that just ain't healthcare, folks! That kind of "care" has a lot more to do with a woman's insecurities and self-perceived shortcomings--all which translate somewhere in the brain into being unlovable--and nothing at all to do with real health.

As usual, I'm going to say that the only healthy foundation for loving who we are has to come from loving who made us! Keeping in mind that we are given value by the God of the universe, no matter our age or appearance, can help us to avoid the pitfall of buying into today's youth culture. But, before I say more, why not click the TITLE of this post and go to a great article by Andrea Mann called, "Stop the Anti-Ageing Madness!" She's got more than a few things right.
Give it a quick look. (Click the TITLE of this post to go to the article.)

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