Thursday, February 7, 2008

Join the Club!

Have you been keeping up with the girls in the Swimsuit Club? Why not "join the club" today by subscribing to this blog? You'll be kept informed of what's going on with Sharona, Angela, Frannie, Becky and Lisa, and there's always hunky Jason to read about, too.
While the Club is quiet right now (since the author is busy on another book, alas), it's a great time to join, since you can begin by catching up with past blog posts--do it by reading just one or two a day. Often there are links to take you elsewhere, a place that is of interest to one of the girls and will be to you, too. Why? Because their lives are like yours: full of womanish growing pains, surrounded by a sin-laden, oversexed culture, and with the same deep desires, longings, and love-seeking attitudes that fuel life. Ever feel that you're alone in this sojourn, looking for love but not finding what you need? You're not alone. Like I said--join the club.

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