Monday, September 6, 2010

Contest News--The Suzannah Contest

Here's news of a writing contest called The Suzannah.
For the future, I'll be posting more contests as I learn about them. So stay tuned!

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On your mark! Get set! Go prep your entry for the 2010 Suzannah Contest!

Everyone knows contests are an excellent way to get work in front of industry professionals and get honest feedback. Today our super contest opens for entries! And get this, if you final, your manuscript goes in front of SIX judges. Yes. SIX!

The contest opens Sept. 1st. We will take only 120 entries.

This unique contest sponsored by the NOLA STARS is for PUBLISHED and UNPUBLISHED writers and mimics an editor's desk pitting genre against genre for six finaling spots. Here's who we've lined up to judge:

Emmanuelle Alspaugh (Judith Ehrlich Literary Agency)
Alexandra Machinist (Linda Chester Literary Agency)
Jill Marsal (Marsal Lyon Literary Agency)
Keyren Gerlach, Harlequin/Silhouette
Lauren Plude, Grand Central Publishing
Danielle Poiesz, Pocket Books

The winner of the Suzannah receives $300.00 provided by the Suzannah Nelson family along with a beautiful trophy. So spiff up your entry (7200 words including a one page set-up) and get ready to enter by September 31st. For more information, visit

Please share with your chapters and loops.


Liz Talley, president of NOLA STARS

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