Thursday, September 9, 2010

The HOOK ME Contest

This is a contest run by my very own chapter of the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). I may even end up as one of the judges, so don't be shy! This is our first year but we're planning on making it an annual event. Here's the info:

The HOOK ME Contest, sponsored by the Ohio chapter of ACFW, is now open for submissions.

This contest is geared to help you polish your book for the Genesis and other writing contests!

Please check our web site for the contest page for the rules and a sample of the judging sheet. (Please note: we are still refining the page)

Essentially, the HOOK ME Contest focuses on the opening of your book. You have to grab the attention of editors/agents/bookstore browsers in the first five minutes (if they even give you that much time!) and persuade them to keep reading.

ACFW Ohio offers judges who are published authors, editors, and/or experienced in judging other contests.

Every entrant will receive PDF downloads of articles that chapter members have written with writing, editing and research tips.
PLUS comments/suggestions from the judges, to assist you in polishing your opening in preparation for the Genesis next year, and other contests such as the Golden Heart.

There are two prizes available, along with winners' names being announced here on the main loop and posted on our web site.

DEADLINE: October 31, with winners announced at the beginning of December.

Please check out our site, OR you can email us for a .doc download of the rules.

Also, look for printouts at the conference in Indy!

Michelle Levigne
ACFW Ohio president

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