Monday, September 24, 2007

Angela's Ashes?

Angela Petroni (Sharona's longtime best gal pal) is the least problem-laden member of "The Swimsuit Club." As the locally well-known "Gardening Gourmand" the only ashes she generates are from the much-used grill on her back deck. She has a part-time career she loves, teaching her craft to people who want to learn it in classes once or twice a week. Since the classes are held in Jason's pool complex, she's become good friends with Jason, and is also the reason the Club doesn't have to pay dues and can use competition lanes.

Angela is a traditional nurturing woman, but never a doormat or mousy! She cares *so* much about the lives of the people she loves that her own just seems to run smoothly left to itself. And her idea of a bad day would be having no one to cook for, or share her food with. In that spirit (of sharing food) and in honor of Angela, (a really hip chick) here is a recipe I recently came across which blends ease of preparation with taste. More of Angela's own recipes will be at the back of the book when it is published. Get on the list to be notified--if you want a huge serving of tasteful, fresh fun with a flair, as soon as it's available, that is.


A nice, wide Italian bread is best for this, but French bread will do.
Fresh garlic cloves, or bottled chopped garlic in oil
Cold pressed olive oil (best) OR Any olive oil
A few fresh, ripe tomatoes
Fresh chopped basil (best) OR ground basil

Slice the bread lengthwise and toast, using the broil setting (best) OR a very hot oven.
Peel the fresh garlic and "scrub" it back and forth over the surface of the toasted bread, letting it shred into the bread, or just spoon chopped garlic over the bread as thickly as you like.
If using chopped garlic in oil, you don't need to add any extra. If using fresh garlic cloves, now drizzle some oil over the bread. Top with thinly sliced tomato and basil to taste. Voila! Enjoy.

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