Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sometimes I wish I was the beautiful one (Becky)

I am thrilled that Sharona Davidson--the Sharona Davidson, the author, has joined our Club. I love that she's back in Restonville. I just sometimes can't help but notice that, compared to her, I am plain Jane.

Frannie's got a style of beauty, if you like Twiggie (I shouldn't say that! I know she's ill, and, honestly, I pray for her every night!) She could be more beautiful, if she were healthy. And Angela, is very, very pretty, even beautiful. But Sharona...well, she's got that kind of look that sets her apart. I mean, why was I surprised to learn that she used to model? All you have to do is look at her once, and then you can't take your eyes off her! I'm not sure I understand why she gave up modeling just to write, in fact.

I watch Jason and the way he looks at her, and I am happy for Sharona. Angela and I often exchange smiles when he gets "that look" on his face, (which is whenever she's around). But Sharona doesn't seem to even notice! How could she not? Any girl would be happy to have Jason as an admirer! I mean, I'm already engaged, so I wouldn't, but Sharona ought to realize what's going on here.

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