Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Woman Power (Linore Rose Burkard)

Here's a quote from an article I saw in my inbox recently:

"Women have long desired to be empowered and in control of their destinies, but it has been an uphill battle. Many countries or religions still treat women as second-class citizens or property."

As a Christian author, (writing a chick-lit book) it begs the question: How does God view women? Hasn't the Bible been used for centuries as "proof" that women are second best? Or maybe you've seen this blog and wondered why on earth would six women in today's world even want to try and live a Christian life?

You may need to explore that question at length, for yourself. But a short answer, in my opinion, is that the Christian life alone gives value to everything you are in your womanhood.

As the article goes on to point out, "Throughout history God has empowered women." In the Bible there are examples of women in such positions of power as:
Judge (a la the Supreme Court. A judge was that powerful.)
Financial backers to ministries (such as for Jesus'!)
Wise Manager
Teacher and Mentor
Composer of songs
Prayer warrior

He also showed that women's "natural" callings such as to be wives and mothers was worthy of the highest esteem. "Jesus gave women a significant place in his life and ministry and he elevated the status of women in Jewish society." The women in the early church are mentioned over and over again for their multitudinous methods of support and help in both maintaining and spreading the gospel.

Are you woman? You are strong! Not because of a flawed idea of being "liberated" but because God created you with the freedom to be ALL that you are capable of . Be liberated into the knowledge of the One who made you to shine--whether it be by investing, starting a business, or singing in the choir. Perhaps you're home with young children. Shine while you're home!

Being a woman is not a curse. We are one-half of God's image.

Quotes taken from "The Ultimate Source of Girl Power" by Tonya Ruiz and Nancy C. Anderson (aka the Cheetah Chicks)

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